Wednesday, October 28, 2015

November Update

Tuesday/Thursday Morning (7:15 am - 8:15) Meditation: Location Change for November!

Morning meditation will NOT be held at the usual Westminster Road location during the month of November, due to a retreat being held there. Chris Phillips and Shae Hanford are offering their homes during November for morning meditation. Please  mark your calendars with the following:

11/3 & 11/5 will be held at Chris house: 364 Merchants Rd.
11/10, 11/12, 11/17, 11/19, 11/24  will be held at Shae's home: 68 Crosman Terrace

Directions to both locations can be found in the appointments on our calendar page.

Thursday Evening Book Group: Location Change and Cancellation!
Nov 5 evening book group is canceled due to fall retreat
Nov. 19 location change from Westminster Road to Shae's house: 68 Crosman Terrace

Day of Mindfulness for Families Saturday, November 14 from 10:30 am to 4 pm
Council of All Beings with Mary Gleason

Lunch at noon. Bring food to share, if you like.
For all ages, and all are welcome. This creative and engaging day in Rush NY, will bring out the best in you and your child with simple meditation, nature exploration and craft, and sharing of the day. 

Directions to location will be available with your RSVP or questions:
Call Annie at 585-346-0557 or email

Correction from earlier announcement: 
Save the Date for Spring retreat:  April 15 -19, 2016 with Joanne Friday at Springwater Center

Interested in taking part in a research study on Meditation and Relationship? 
It takes 30 minutes and you could win an Amazon gift card!

Emily Maher is a first year graduate student in the clinical psychology department at Clark University. Her research interests revolve around the therapeutic utility of mindfulness and compassion-based practices. With Dr. Cordova, Emily is studying the application of such techniques to building intimacy in romantic relationships.

 Dr. Cordova is also a transmitted teacher in the Zen tradition, teaching at the Boundless Way Temple in Worcester, Massachusetts. From Emily: "Though a great deal of research has been conducted on the beneficial effects of a regular meditation practice, we still know virtually nothing about how regular practice affects the practitioners’ intimate relationships. Thus, we are interested in conducting a study examining the potential effects of meditation practice on practitioners’ intimate relationships.  We are recruiting participants from meditation groups around the country, and would like to invite the members of the Blooming Lilac Sangha to participate. 

We’re looking for adults who are currently in a committed intimate relationship (heterosexual or same-sex), and who have been with the same partner for at least one year.  We welcome participants at all stages of their practice – from total beginners to long-time practitioners.  The survey is completely anonymous and will take place online. The questionnaires should take approximately 30 minutes to complete, from start to finish.  Anyone who participates will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win one of four $50 Amazon gift cards. This study has been approved by the Human Subjects Internal Review Committee at Clark University."
 Emily is happy to answer any questions about confidentiality, the study itself, or any other concerns you might have.

email if interested and we will pass on the link