Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June Update

More information on these topics listed below - check the calendar for this month's events
  • Day of Mindfulness is Sunday, June 14
  • Would you like to travel to Blue Cliff Monastery together?  Only 3 and a half hours each way, we could go as a Sangha!
  • Why would you take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha?  What does it mean? 

Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Monday, June 1, from noon to 1 pm, The Buddhist Peace Fellowship will have their monthly peace sitting at the FEDERAL BUILDING, at 100 State Street.  For more information, contact: Jay Thompson   585.576.6073

Day of Mindfulness, Sunday June 14
Location is off Buffalo Road near Robert's Wesleyan College (North Chili). 
For more information and RSVP: 346-0557

12:30 – 12:50- Arrival/settle in
12:50 – 1:00- Ten minute silent sitting
1:00 - 1:20  -- Reading of the 4th Mindfulness training and guided meditation
1:20 – 2:30-  Driftwood circle
2:30 – 3:15-  Walking/sitting meditation
3:15 – 3:45- Three Earth Touchings
3:45 – 4:00- Walking meditation
4:00– 4:30 - Chanting and singing
4:30 – 5:00- Dharma sharing
5:00 - Potluck Lunch Preparation and first 15 minutes of mindful eating  in silence

Would you like to go to Blue Cliff Monastery?  
You can go on your own or let others in the Sangha know if you would like to go together.  We could go for one day or for a few days.  Read more about the schedule by going to:   and click on calendar or schedule.

What is the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha?
What does it mean to take refuge?
Excerpted from the “Taking Refuge” page of the Plum Village Website 

Taking refuge is the recognition and the determination to head toward what is most beautiful, truthful, and good. Taking refuge is also the awareness that one has the capacity to understand and love.

The Buddha is the one who shows us the way in this life. The Buddha is the historical person who lived 2600 years ago and all of our ancestral teachers who connect us to the Buddha. The Buddha is also the awakened nature in all beings. Each element in the universe that is showing us the way of love and understanding, is the Buddha. The open look of a child and the ray of sunshine causing the flower to unfold her beauty also contain the awakened nature.

The Dharma is the teachings of love and understanding. The Dharma is the teachings of the historical Buddha and his descendants in the form of discourses, the commentaries and precepts that show us the path leading to peace and deep insight, love and understanding. The Dharma is all the elements in our world and in our consciousness that guide us on the path of liberation. The living Dharma is contained in every corner of the universe. The floating cloud is silently preaching about freedom and the falling leaf is giving us a dharma talk on the practice of letting go. Every time you breathe mindfully, walk mindfully or look at another person with the eye of understanding and compassion, you are giving a silent dharma talk.

The Sangha is the community that lives in harmony and awareness. Your teachers, your friends and yourself are all elements of your Sangha. A path in the forest might be a member of your Sangha as well, supporting you on the path of transformation. You can share your joys and your difficulties with your Sangha. You can let go and relax into the warmth and strength of your Sangha. The Sangha is a river, flowing and bending with flexibility, responding to the environment in which it is situated. Taking refuge in the Sangha, we join in the stream of life, flowing and becoming one with all of our sisters and brothers in the practice. In the setting of a Sangha, you find the practice easier and much more enjoyable.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Day of Mindfulness Postponed

The day of mindfulness for May has been postponed. More information to come on the rescheduled date for the day of "Mindful Communication"